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Celebrating the power of prayer and the gifts of life!

The Power of Prayer

Can my prayers be more powerful? Is there a secret formula to praying? Are prayers really answered by God? As Christians, we some time underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer is such a powerful force that it can even move mountains; however, we need to believe in it to such an extent that we allow it to be that powerful force that it truly is. Many of us who feel hopeless at times will never feel hopeless again, once the true power of prayer has been experience.  

Can prayer be more powerful?

Absolutely! The power of prayer is enhanced when more than one person is praying for the same thing. Did you know that you never pray alone, even when you are quite convinced that you are all alone? When you pray to God, there is a multitude of angels that are praying with you and are interceding on your behalf. They are imploring God to grant your prayer each time you pray. 

St. Peter’s Church Prayer Portal

There is no situation that is too small or too large that cannot be solved through prayer. There are times that we get overwhelmed by certain situations and we feel that there is nothing that we can do to help! Well, we at St. Peter’s Church want you to know that there is always something that you can do! You can pray!!!

You can pray for family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers:

  • During times of war or a famine! You can pray for those in need as well as those in control of the situation.

  • When you are moved by something you saw on television or read in the newspaper

  • If you are passed by an ambulance on the road! You can pray for those who are sick as well as those who will be giving them medical help. 

Our main aim and focus is to enhance the power of your prayer by praying with and for you. 

What do we have to offer you?


Prayers and Devotionals

Our daily prayers and devotionals are perfect for members who are looking for a source of strength and comfort. They are perfect for personal devotions but can also be used to open prayers meetings or Bible Studies.


Sometimes, we are reminded of the power of the saints and the angels who are protecting our houses and family through ornaments. We have a large selection of unique blessing and prayer ornaments that are not only perfect for persona use but that also make great gifts.

Prayer Community

We provide a platform that allows our members to be in contact with each other, sharing their prayer requests so that they can pray together for the individual needs of each member.


We also offer a variety of Christian books, Bibles, music and other online resources that will help you to further understand life as a Christian and the power of prayer.

Subscribe Now and Start Uploading Your Prayer Request!

If you would like to be prayed for or if you would like to pray for others, all you need to do is subscribe to our community prayer portal. You will then be given the opportunity to upload your prayer requests which will immediately become visible to our members. After reading your prayer request, they can decide to pray for your request and let you know by clicking on the "I Will Pray" tab next to your prayer request. This allows you to see how many people are praying for your request!


Feedback Form

We are happy to receive your questions or to include you in our prayers! Just use the form below to contact us!


Happy Clients

Prayer is powerful! Read some of the powerful testimonials below of some of our members who have experienced the power of prayer!

St. Peter’s Church community portal has become a part of my daily devotions and prayer time. It is a blessing to be a recipient of all of the wonderful work that you are doing on behalf of our Lord and Savior. 
Glenda A. Brand

Happy Clients

The community portal of St. Peter’s Church contains a really nice assortment of prayer and ornaments. I have purchased many different ornaments for personal use but also as presents and I must say, they have been truly inspirational!
Virginia R. Fortune